WP Pro Nissan GT-R R35 Front Drag Race EX6 Kit

When the R35 GTR was introduced to the US market in 2009, we were all blown away with the performance, the smooth power, the insane traction, and most important for any high performance vehicle, the substantial braking power to bring it all back to a stop.

Fast forward to almost a decade later, and the R35 still stands out as a top performer, only now with a huge aftermarket industry built around it. What started as 480-565hp, depending on model year, has grown to upwards of twice the factory power levels with all the aftermarket support. With this massive increase in power that the R35 platform is capable of, the need for a better wheel/tire setup has become essential. Many have wanted the ability to run a 17-inch front slick on the front of the R35, however it takes some work!

We were not willing to cut any corners in offering a complete bolt-on kit. T1 Race Developement and WP Pro Brakes worked to design the best small front brake kit available! WP Pro designed a great kit utilizing a 2-piece, 345mm diameter rotor that is 30mm wide (same as stock), along with a 6 piston caliper that all bolts directly up to the stock hub with no other modifications. Kit includes everything you need so you can run that 17″ wheel/slick combo and put that power to the ground with the confidence that you can bring it back to a stop!

Available in several caliper finishes including Black, Silver, and now Bronze!

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