The WP Pro front brake rotor kit can greatly improve your stopping performance on the Subaru STI. Upgrading your brake rotors will help provide better heat dissipation, allow for even wear of brake pads, and give you longer life out of your brakes overall. The 1 piece design saves rotational weight giving you better acceleration and even faster stopping. Whether being used for the street or track, upgrading your brake rotors from the standard rotors is a modification you do not want to skip!

One of the biggest advantages of the WP Pro 1 piece brake rotors is the rotational weight savings. Rotational weight savings has 3 times the affect over dead weight. So if you save 4lbs in rotational weight, that is like saving 12lbs of weight off each corner! Before the weight can be saved, WP Pro brake rotors go through an extensive manufacturing process. Rotors are heat treated up to 800°C (1472°F), to ensure the rotors can take the punishment from performance driving. Instead of large production runs like some manufactures, WP Pro treats each set of newborn rotors with a bespoke approach to dial them in by hand. Each rotor gets machined, assembled, and balanced to meet high quality standards.

The WP Pro rotors feature a unique Sun Cut pattern with the drilled holes. This design saves more weight compared to standard round discs and improves the longevity of the rotor from it’s cooling capabilities. With more effective curved vanes in a V shape, these further help dissipate heat away from the rotors. This design improves cooling by pushing cool air from the center of the wheel to where the rotor needs it most. The hard anodized brake hat is extremely durable to not wear and scratch like standard anodized or powdercoated finishes. With the floating hardware design, this makes on the brake rotor the consumable item so you never have to replace the brake hat. Each kit is sold as a complete axle set up to work with the factory or aftermarket brake pads and stock caliper. For those that want a standard round rotor, this is available as well.


  • Pair of 1-Piece Drilled and Slotted Rotors

Weight Savings:

  • Stock Rotor – 10.10KG
  • WP Pro Rotor – 7.55KG


  • Heat treated high performance rotors
  • Lightweight design
  • Directional vented rotors



  • Subaru WRX or STI 04-18 – Fits both 5×100 and 5×114.3 Bolt Pattern


  • Some pictures may be for marketing representation only and are not the vehicle specific application.


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