WP Pro Brakes

Rotor Manufacturing

Lightweight and durable brake rotors is where WP Pro stands out in the braking industry.  Having gone through many phases of development over the years, WP Pro’s unique Sun Cut design truly offers a high performance brake rotor that out performs the competition.  Each brake rotor starts out from a sand casting of steel iron at a local foundry.  Using the same team to produce these rotors for the past 20 years, consistency is top level.  With a +/- 130HRB on the Rockwell Scale rotors are further heat treated to 800 degrees Celsius.  The rotors stay in this large oven for 8 hours and are maintained to not cool to fast.  If the rotors cool to quickly, the surface becomes an enemy of friction which is needed in braking performance.

When it comes to the rotor vanes, WP Pro prefers to use a V design instead of a standard square vane.  This design is lighter and dissipates heat faster which is braking’s number one enemy.  In fact, as tested, this style dissipates heat 30-40 degrees Celsius cooler than conventional style.  Because of the braking force, the bottom of the brake rotor will always be hotter than the top.  WP Pro focuses to not have more than a 100 degree Celsius different between the top and bottom.  The typical contact area of the WP Pro big brake kit rotor is 46mm while heavier cars can go to 56mm for more friction.  All of this always goes back to the caliper design and what is required for optimal braking.

With the Sun Cut design that WP Pro has to stand out amongst traditional rotors, these are also offered in a drilled and slotted pattern.  The Sun Cut design is much lighter for obvious reasons and helps with cooling.  Traditional round shape rotors are available as well as drilled or slotted only.  Each 2 piece rotor uses an aluminum hat that is hard anodized to a hardness level of 7H.  Other custom colors can be done on the hats, however this might wear over time from taking the wheels on and off.  Because the hat uses a 2 piece floating hardware, this makes the rotor disc the only consumable item.  When the discs do wear out, you can just get a new disc and hardware.  The hat hardware is a bolt, washer, and nut connected between the hat and disc.  Torqued to 25nm, the stainless steel spring washer provides 35,000-40,000th of play giving you a true floating system.

From start to finish, the manufacturing of WP Pro rotors is one of the key elements to improving stopping.  Whether designed for the Big Brake Kit application or an OEM upgrade to the 1 piece rotors, WP Pro’s commitment to quality, longevity, and performance is bar none.