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Caliper Design

Started in 1981, WP Pro Brakes has been on the forefront of performance braking engineering.  WP Pro is one of the first companies to design and implement 6 piston brake calipers on the market in the early 1990’s.  With the demand for multi-caliper piston brake system growing, so did WP Pro in its engineering and manufacturing capabilities.

Whether a car for street, track, or even armored vehicles, WP Pro begins their process with a need.  That need is to improve braking over what the stock system is capable of.  The basic development process starts with understanding the vehicles master cylinder and the volume of brake fluid it can hold.  Once this is studied, the engineers can calculate the piston sizes needed for that vehicle.  Piston size can also be altered based on feedback from the driver.  If the piston is to small, the brake pedal feel can feel “small” and not provide the clamping force and pressure needed.  When you design a caliper, different piston bore size can be done purely based on the master cylinder capabilities.

Where some manufacturers choose to use a monoblock caliper, WP Pro does not.  Brake calipers are under very high pressure and need to have some expansion properties.  If the monoblock caliper is not built from the proper material and treated, it can have failures which would result in stress cracking.  If you use 7075 aluminum, this gets to hard and can easily break and have more distortion.  WP Pro prefers a 2 piece caliper design.  Made from 6061 T6 aluminum, this caliper is forged than machined.  The T6 is a form of heat treating the aluminum.  The bolts used to connect each caliper half are designed to stretch.  This is not a issue but purely a design feature.  When pressing the brake pedal, the movement is less than 40,000th.

The calipers are available in a 4 piston, 6 piston, and 8 piston design.  The EX6 caliper is the standard caliper found on a majority of front kits and provides plenty of performance braking.  All EX6 calipers can even use the optional and unique carbon fiber caliper brake duct.  This helps reduce temperatures by 20C!  However for those that want something to really stand out, the EX8 8 piston calipers are available.  The 8 piston kit can be used for high pressure very strong braking needs.  The rear caliper is the S4 4 piston design to even work with electronic parking brakes.  All caliper pistons come out 2.5mm from the caliper body to help further cool the pistons and the brake fluid behind them.  With this slight advantage cooling the brakes far exceeds the competition.  Traditionally, WP Pro follows the 65% front and 35% balancing between the front and rear brakes.  Each caliper is mounted to the cars knuckle with a very strong and durable ductile iron bracket.

For racing applications, WP Pro has put added features to their calipers to further help with performance.  Racing caliper pistons feature holes drilled for heat dissipation.  Unlike the street kits, race kits do not need dust seals.  Titanium piston are optional and can further handle heat dissipation.  Titanium is great for weight savings which is highly important in competition.  WP Pro’s normal pistons are made from stainless steel.  Stainless steel is great for on and off the track as this material will not have distortion like aluminum.  Aluminum pistons will typically last 2 years and then can start to leak from distortion of the metal.  All of WP Pro’s pistons use Teflon seals.

WP Pro has developed 2 great brake pad compounds for it’s calipers.  Choosing a brake pad is very important to your driving type and usage.  For most Big Brake Kits that are used on the street, these kits come with the Grey Type (Street/Sport) brake pad.  This pad is fitting for the street car where it does not require any warming up of the compound working from 0-500 degrees Celsius.  For those looking to take advantage of the full engineering of a WP Pro brake kit on the track, we recommend the Red Type (Sport/Track Day) brake pad.  These pads need to be warmed up and go the distance from 50-600 degrees Celsius.  Many other brake pads can be used with the WP Pro calipers.  One of our favorites for track use is the Pagid RS29 Yellow pads.  These work really well with a WP Pro setup, but require the brake pad to be cut down to fit properly.

WP Pro Brakes does not supply brake fluid but always recommends a high quality Synthetic DOT4 fluid such as Motul, ATE, or equivalent. 

EX6 Caliper

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EVO12 Caliper

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R4-S4 Rear Caliper

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