WP Pro Brakes


Who are we

WP Pro Brakes started back in 1981 as Winner Power based in Tapei, Taiwan.  With their mission to improve braking on their personal vehicles, Winner Power soon found themselves doing revolutionary upgrades that other manufactures simply were not doing.  With focus on braking necessities such as heat dissipation, rotational weight savings, and product longevity, WP Pro was born.  Unlike other large pure production facilities in Asia, WP Pro still operates as a bespoke style company to ensure the best quality and design available.

WP Pro Brakes North America is the exclusive partner for Canada, USA, and Mexico for the WP Pro product line.  In business since 2001, our staff, knowledge, and experience will provide you with the best product and service experience ever.


What we do

From design to production, WP Pro creates the entire brake system with performance in mind.  Our Big Brake Kits (BBK) start out with studing the master cylinder volume, factory brakes, driver needs, and what can be done to improve over the stock system.  Each part of the Engineering phase is critical to providing a truly enhanced product. 

Manufacturing is the key to the performance of our products.  Understanding where weight can be saved, how to improve heat dissipation, balancing of the rotors, and quality control testing of each product is all part of the formula.  We look at each kit or product as a newborn and not a production run to ensure the final delivered components are top quality in the packaging, on the street, or on the track.

How we excel

WP Pro has logged over a million miles on their rotors.  With countless miles of testing on the track and customers worldwide driving hard on the streets, the WP Pro rotors are developed to withstand all types of use. 

Some companies claim this, but few will support their product.  WP Pro offers a limited warranty on their product which includes a 1 year, 20,000km warranty on their rotors.  With proper installation, bed-in procedures, and care, your WP Pro Brakes will keep you out performing others for years to come.