About Us

WP Pro's roots date back to 1981 when WinnerPower was born to focus on the production of brake components and tuning parts (including turbo-charging) for the automotive racing industry. By the early 1990's we had designed and began the production of one of the first six-piston brake calipers on the market. This was the turning point for WinnerPower and was the leading factor to the evolution into WP Pro.

With the demand of multi-piston brake calipers quickly escalating throughout the 1990s, WP Pro had been established to focus solely on the development of high performance braking systems and products. With over 30 years of extensive R&D and product expertise, WP Pro had invested into the development and manufacturing of all of its big-brake kits in-house and by the 90's our manufacturing facility was focused to support WP Pro’s expansion into the braking system industry.

We now supply a global market focusing on performance brake kits for the after-market, racing, OE, and specialty (armoured) industries. From big brake kit upgrades to FIA regulated prototype racing braking systems, there is nothing too small or too big for a company with a racing heritage and a need for perfection.

Our Advantage and Guarantee

At WP Pro, we breathe and dream high performance brakes every day and our in-house design and manufacturing capabilities provides us with the flexibility to innovate and act on those dreams. Throughout the years we have challenged traditional thought on brakes and continue to do so in today’s market. From material selection to manufacturing processes we strive to remain ahead of the curve in order to provide our customers with the best, most relevant product for building their perfect car.

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